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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Corbicula clams - robust liver function

Corbicula clams have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a liver tonic and treat liver disorder for ages. Some people miss out the on a real health miracle that clams can give because eating clams always be associated with Hepatitis A eating from contaminated clams.

The truth is that if the clams come from fresh uncontaminated source, they are the best things that can take care of your liver. While all corbicula clams are good for liver, the quality varies depending on the regions the clams are obtain.

The best clams come from Taiwan,which the clams here is unique, because the color is like golden color hence the name Golden Clams is obtain.

Now a days , the Golden Corbicula Clams were process as a food supplement and can be bought throughout the globe. This Golden Corbicula Clams is packed with the perfect balance of essential amino acids, particular Ornithine, Taurine and Arginine which are very important to support liver's detoxification process.

Golden claims also helps improving Hepatitis B, reducing hangover and the ill effects of alcohol. It also can improving men's sexual performance, libido and fertility, supporting stronger immune functions and reducing one's stress.

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