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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Morinda citrifolia or Noni

Morinda citrifolia or Mengkudu as it is known locally in Malaysia, is a small erect tree found within the forest. Due to its medicinal properties it is now planted in the villages, mainly for its translucent white fruit. The juice of the over-ripe fruit is consumed by women to regulate menstrual flow. It may also be taken to ease painful urination. Other preparations of the Mengkudu fruit are used to treat diabetes, haemorrhages and coughs. Women in the rural areas also use the fruit to make shampoo as they believe it is good for the hair.

Simple research shows scientifically that Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a natural combination of amazingly beneficial compounds to heal the body as a whole, and to maintain health. The most recent studies are based on the following research by Dr. Neil Solomon, MD, PhD:

Dr. Solomon*, a recognized leader in medical nutrition and nutraceuticals writes the following in his book »» Noni Juice: How Much, How Often, For What:

"Since my retirement from the clinical practice of medicine, I have become more involved with natural healing. This has brought to my attention the ambiguity and confusion that exists when it comes to how much of a certain nutritional substance could or should be used in order to augment one's health. Suggested use of many nutritional supplements is many times based on trial and error, which over time and use somewhat regulates itself.

I decided to find a plant with a proven track record of successes and with unique health benefits worthy of study. I was interested in finding out how much of it people took to help different conditions. This led me to the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia plant (noni)."

In his ongoing research with Noni since 1997, Dr. Solomon has organized a study which has grown to include 75 health professionals and over 15,000 patients. In his study, doctors and/or patients are to drink Noni Juice for a 7-month period, with a loading serving of 4 oz. the 1st month, a therapeutic serving of 3 oz. for the following 5 months, and a maintenance/prevention serving of 2 oz. the 7th month (half these amounts for children).

In the final analysis, the overall average of those who either objectively or subjectively experienced benefit was an unheard of 75%. Dr. Solomon goes on to say that "the majority of Noni users who did not get optimal results failed to do so because they took a lesser dose and/or took it a lesser amount of time than recommended." Dr. Solomon also notes that "My survey did show that 95% of those who reported that Noni helped them in some way experienced those results within three months of starting Noni."

Noni has been scientifically documented to benefit in the fight against these ailments:

  1. Abdominal pains/swelling
  2. Abscesses
  3. Antibiotic and Antimicrobial
  4. Backache
  5. Burns
  6. Dark spots on skin
  7. Depression
  8. Diaphragmatic hernia
  9. Dry or cracked skin
  10. Heart disease
  11. Infection of mouth and gums Inhibits early chronic fatigue syndrome
  12. Regulates thymus
  13. Sore throat with cough
  14. Tonic after childbirth
  15. Tuberculosis
  16. Virus problems
  17. Anticancer activity
  18. Arthritis
  19. Balanced nutrition
  20. Chest infections
  21. Deficient Macrophages/Lymphocytes Diabetes Type II
  22. Diarrhea
  23. Eye complaints
  24. High Blood Pressure
  25. Inflamed, sore gums
  26. Intestinal worms
  27. Sick People Syndrome
  28. Stroke
  29. Toothaches
  30. Urinary tract ailments
  31. Wounds, fractures and boils

There are virtually no negative interactions. In some situations, Noni can allow other medications to act more efficiently. NOTE: Noni can be taken together with all other medications - there are almost no negative interactions. In some situations, noni can allow other medications to act more efficiently.

You should tell your health professional that you are taking Noni, as your physician might want to decrease the dose of the medication prescribed. This often reduces the side effects from the original medication.

Reported side effects were minimal. Less than 5 percent experienced minor belching, loose stools, allergy, or developed a mild rash. The belching disappeared when the dose was decreased. The rash and loose stools cleared within 72 hours after stopping treatment. Noni has been reported safe for pregnant and/or nursing mothers.

*Dr. Neil Solomon is a world renowned research expert in the fields of Medicine, Nutrition, Obesity and Smoking cessation. He held several faculty appointments and Professorships at some of the most prestigious Universities in America including the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

For 18 years Dr. Solomon wrote an internationally syndicated health advise column for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. In total, he has appeared in over 200,000 published articles and br columns in global newspapers and magazines. Dr. Solomon has appeared on numerous national television and radio talk shows such as the Tonight Show, Donahue, Good Morning America, Today Show, Oprah Winfrey Dick Cavett, Dinah Shore, and gave daily medical commentaries on CNN.

Dr. Solomon is also a best selling author having written several “how to” books about health and wellness. He has Who’s Who in the East since 1977. In addition, he has been included in American Men and Women of Science, Who’s Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology (1985), Men of Achievement (7th edition), Personalities of America (1981), and International Who’s Who of Intellectuals (1981).

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