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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Chlorella - The Age Fighter

Chlorella is a single celled fresh water algae with a history dating back more than two billion years. Chlorella is the most researche algae in the world and it has been studied by the Rockfeler Foundation, Carnegie Institute and NASA.

Chlorella is truly a natural food, whole, pure and complete. Called as Nature's Healer for its positive effects on health, the chlorophyll in chlorella help human body as useful blood builder which improve red blood cell count and corrects anemia.

Chlorella known as richest source of chlorophyll and as high as 7% of its total weigh. This led some to call chlorella the supreme whole food concertrate.Chlorella is by far is the richest source of chlorophyll avaiable for the human body.

Known as the most powerful cleansing agent found in nature, chlorophyll detoxifies the bowels, liver, kidney and bloodstream. It normalize the beneficial bowel flora, stimulates tissue regeneration and speeds the healing wounds and burns. It also assists in digestion, control calcium in the body and increase iron absorption. It best known for its deodorant properties.

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